23 Mar 2012

"Mary of Mud Creek"

Mary of Mud Creek is a fictional story about a little girl growing up on a modern-day pig farm in rural Ontario. The protagonist of the story, Mary, befriends one of the pigs on Mud Creek Farms but soon comes to realize that her companion’s time on the farm will soon come to an end. In this sense it is a contemporary Charlotte’s Web as it grapples with similar issues regarding the human-animal connection.

Illustrated movie trailer for Mary of Mud Creek 

Cover and inset illustrations below. Click on the images to enlarge in order to view at adequate resolution.

After a fire has killed a majority of the pigs on Mud Creek Farms Mary decides to confront her father about the abuses she has witnessed.
Mary flees from Mud Creek Farms where she has seen the pigs being violently abused. She spends the night confiding in celestial pigs she has befriended in her imagination.

Mary makes a last ditch attempt to rescue the remaining sows from Mud Creek Farms the night before they will be sent to slaughter.

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victoria said...

What happens at the end of the story? I'm dying to know...and is there a place we can purchase your book.